The first open house, of my fickle mind.

law-0698Welcome to my house!!  If you accidentally walked in, looking for actual real estates, then at least have some chips before you leave.

I conceptualize my categories into different rooms of a house, mainly cos i am out of ideas.  Seriously, its really really hard to start a blog.  Especially since I’ve never previously had 1.  Not even a written diary. 

As I am writing this, there are still so many questions yet unanswered.  What kind of blog should this be?  Should I try to be funny, or philosophical?  Even whether or not I should make this as an auto post in my Facebook timeline.  My wife told me to quit whining and just start writing.  Whatever worries I have wont answer themselves, no matter how long i think about it.

So here I am, at this current Post.  Introductory post you may call it, I treat it more like a gut check. 

In this house, the Living Room, is where I will talk about personal stuff.  You will see some posts on our (currently) 2 months old milk monster.  And also how I deal with this life changing situation, they call Fatherhood. 

The Backyard, is where you will see a glimpse of Papua New Guinea.  The uncharted, exotic land that many has been intrigued about. Be it because of its alarming chaos, or because of its colourful beauty and innocence. 

The Window.  In most people’s home, the window is where we gaze longingly to the outside world.  Where our mind drifts.  And thus, this will be where I will post my dabble with photography, as well as my travels to the outside world.

The Balcony of my own house is my sanctuary.  This is where I can sit for ages, alone with my thoughts.  Its incredible how much stuff we can think about next to an ashtray and coffee.

Unfortunately, upon discussions with the Boss of the house (my ever lovely wife), other parts of the house will be inaccessible for the time being.  At least until further notice.

I hope you guys WILL enjoy your stay here, and please do come back, bring your friends.  Just don’t steal anything!!


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