Catholicism is my religion, but I BELIEVE in ‘Kindness’

I have thought for a long time about posting about such a bold opinionated blog about religions.  I thank -OM- for showing me that debates and arguments are the very reason that we blog in the first place.

Like most of my Catholic friends, I have been baptised into the religion ever since I was an infant.  My parents are devout Catholics, and as such, they have vowed that they would baptise us and raise us as Catholics.  I was thus raised in the teachings of Catholicism and Christianity and was told Biblical stories even at school.

As I grew up, however, I feel a growing sense of distance with regards to my faith.  Don’t get me wrong, I still do pray when I experience flight turbulence, extreme anxieties, and in situations of desperation.  But, can we call that being a Catholic?  I go to church maybe twice a year, mostly to avoid arguments.

Nowadays, I’m closer and closer to, instead, be a free thinker.  There’s a sense of reasoning that religions are made by men, and needed by men.  Most of us needs a higher power to give us a sense of purpose, security, justifications, or even a simple need of belonging.  Spirituality is a good balance that our mind needs.

But, the world we live in today is becoming increasingly materialistic, and it goes for religions too.  We use religions as a weapon, or reason for war.  And we use religions as trophies for our shallow hearts.  It is for this second reason, that I have moved away from a religion that I’ve known since I was a child.  Cos, I think believers and non believers alike are already uniformly despising the religious wars that has plagued humanity since the Crusades.  But, LATELY, we have taken on religious quests to help the poor, at times at the other side of the world.  This is not a bad thing.  It is ok to give, but it disgusts me to see ppl that would do this, but yet cant find it in themselves to help their neighbour, brother, or a friend.

What is the meaning of helping others when ppl only does them to get recognition??

It is for this reason that I am more moved to learn about, and perform acts of Kindness.  You can be of any religion you like, but it doesn’t mean much to me, if there’s no kindness in you.  There’s no inspirations that comes from helping a village 50, 000 kms away, with your whole church congregation, when you can walk by a starving mother and baby on the street and not feel a sense of sadness or a willingness to help.  Cos that’s just hypocrisy.

I am so glad that the new leader Catholics has in Pope Francis is made from a different mold.  Part of my distance from the religion is not caring about Popes.  But, I want to know about this man.  He is a hope that we haven’t had in a long time.  I hope he is what he portrays himself to be, for the world needs an example to remind them that with ‘Kindness’, we ALL belong in 1 religion.


3 thoughts on “Catholicism is my religion, but I BELIEVE in ‘Kindness’

  1. I agree, kindness is most important. It would eliminate many of the world’s problems of hunger, disease and homelessness. By offering kindness people would feel much better about themselves. ~ Dennis

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