Gut check…Ego in frames

I am a photo enthusiast and after 4 years immersing myself in this hobby, I finally printed my work to hang on our walls.

This is nothing new for people…especially for those known to have fleeting attention span for hobbies.  With time and life situations, our interests simply drops in and out, until it eventually falls off altogether.

Thanks to the boss and chief editor…she post-processed the photos further and got them printed. Of course,  more than half of the already framed photos are hers. But that’s a small nitpick considering I didn’t have the guts.
Now I have an overflowing warm feeling with photography all over again. It has finally made a comeback to whatever part of my brain that stores personal interest and excitement.
For readers if this blog that are experiencing my similar disinterest, and have yet to order any prints, try doing it!  It doesn’t need to be 160 prints like what we did. Just select a few and print in manageable sizes. You’ll see and rediscover your hobby in a fresh new point of view20140210_175506


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