A child’s dilemma – MY MOM IS ON FACEBOOK!!

This post actually refers to me being the child.  So if you are a 12 year old, reading this, tough luck kiddo! You’re not even supposed to be on Facebook! Just like my mom.

I am initially amazed that mom is on Facebook.  Seeing her unadulterated joy as she reconnects with old school friends, her child-like fascination at discovering what mere clicks can do, was all superb and amusing.  Of course, then comes the annoyance.  She comes to me with a camera full of pictures (her understanding of SD Cards comes many years later), that she needs to upload on FB.  Most of them blurry and out of focus, she just does not get it! I must’ve shown her how to upload like 43 times, before I was saved by smart phones’ ability to instant upload pics to FBs.

Now, of course she teaches me FB ethics with her “i am your mother’ attitude.  Below is some of the things that regularly drives me mad, or in some cases, gobsmacked.

1. She now uploads pictures, within 10 minutes of taking them.

2. She comments on everything.  I post loads of pics on FB, and ppl are starting to recognise her as my number 1 fan.  Gawwwdd its Grade 3 all over again.

3. Comments that she made are not criticisms or affirmation of my pics.  They’re more along the lines of sappy-mother-of-the-year-thankyou-speeches.  ‘I love you so much, and so proud of you’, ‘You are intelligent, smart, and clever’, ‘Very fine work son, I love you’….I shudder…

4. One of the few lectures I sometimes get is the fact that I have to ‘like’ friends’ comments.  Especially if they are warm wishes or congratulatory ones.  Why?  Well, cos you’ll be rude otherwise, of course.

5. Related to the above, she does sometime take over as moderator of my Status updates.  Thanking ppl, commenting on comments on my behalf.

6. The habit of going off and having her own conversation with an auntie, whilst still on my comments page.

I hope this post is relevant to some of you.  I smile as I write this.  A knowing smile, as I know my mom, I love my mom, and I am irritated by my mom.  All this goes hand in hand, as a child’s love isn’t unconditional.  A child’s love is honest.  Even when that child is over 30 years old.


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