The land of unexpected, Papua New Guinea

Yes, I actually do live here at the moment.  It is true what Google says about this country.  But, as developing countries are, PNG is not without its natural beauty.  It is the home of several hundreds of endangered languages/cultures that will soon be swept by the wave of modernisation. And be stripped bear of its history.  Living in this country however, I find myself whispering..’Not yet, don’t change just yet..’.

Below are shots from Independence Day celebrations.  Its a celebration of culture, and unity.  It is where Men and Women shows off their feathers, and communicate to us through traditional dances that can only be described as, pure and mezmerizing. ImageDSCF0858 DSCF0891DSC_0156DSC_0169

We are not here to change, We are not here to judge, We are not here to ridicule, We are just spectators of life,  and we are lucky enough to be that.


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