Venice: waking up in a sea of masks.


Venice oh Venice, you came out of nowhere!

I’ve always prided myself as being an anal planner.  Good planning saves time and money, and gives you flexibility and a perceived sense of fruitfulness.  Planning for a 5 wks trip, involving 11 cities however I expected some miscalculation.  Preps and research for the trip involved weeks of net surfing, and I really thought Venice would be a breeze.  After all, all we plan to do was: get lost in alleys, eat great food, and be sure to visit San Marco after 10pm to take in the beauty of it, whilst having the place to yourself.  Dead Wrong!

We found ourselves smack in the middle of a carnival, that I didn’t even anticipate nor aware of.  Pure dumb luck brought us to the center of every photographer’s dream.  If only I was smart enough to bring 1 of the 3 tripods I own.  Yes, so I’m a planner, but not a very good one.  Never before had I cherished my own negligence.


The exhilarating rush was at its all time high, while I scurried to take as many shots as I can.  Lady luck even brought us to an old church, where pro photographers were on their knees, lustily clicking shots of dozens of masked wonders happily posing for anyone with a camera.  We ended up eating lunch 4 hours later than we planned.

As for visiting San Marco when there’s no one there?  Well, nothing about this city has gone to planned.


Conclusion?  Plan as much as you can, but should things go awry, enjoy the ride and make the most of it.  I’m counting my blessings in Venice, as never in my wildest imagination would I likely to get these kind of opportunities again.


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