Not enough ‘Ooomph’!!

law-5068I am a noob blogger.  Every post I publish acts like another watt of light energy, that gives me increasing visual of my creative space.  When people asks me what my blog is about, I push the question back to them.  Intelligently inquisitive of me?  Truth is, I have no idea!  Not until I have enough watts to light up my whole room.  Not until I have 100 followers?  Maybe, not even until then.  As I revisit my posts, I do feel things are taking shape.  I hardly recognise the blogger that scribbled on the ‘About me’ page, but as each posts go, the more that shape materialise and resembles itself to a shadow of me.

And the lessons goes on, as I continue to learn new things, make more mistakes, and finally, begin to see things in a new perspective.  Now, I learned that I should start with my ‘eye’.  To understand things or situations subjectively.  Then I must put my ‘head’ into it, and asks questions to myself.  But, when I finally post something, I should not forget about my ‘heart’.

On my last post on Berlin, The Boss, my of course number 1 supporter, said that my post had no ‘Oomph’.  Self realisation came instantly, despite my ego.  And I understood and admitted my lameness.  For I knew that I decided to blog at a very unmotivated time of the week, day…  I love to write, but this becomes lame when I’m not in the right head space.  Not in my creative space.  I treated the last post like a chore that I want to be done with.  And with that, it came out ‘oomph’-less.

Needless to say, I’ve learned from this.  My attempts of going for volume over quality is not how I want to go.  Like what they say, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all’.

I do urge readers of my blog to be honest, especially with negative criticisms.  I strongly value feedback, in whatever form.  For noobs like me, I will leave this; We can never be sure how good our posts are, and we definitely can’t please anybody.  There are numerous blog writing articles out there, and they are all helpful.  But, bottom line, blog about something you feel strongly about.  Because, if you are not passionate about what you blog about, it will be a tough ask to get anyone else to.



2 thoughts on “Not enough ‘Ooomph’!!

  1. I think you have describe what is important in any creative process: The eye, the head and – most importantly – the heart. And then I think ooomph comes all by itself. Keep up the good work!

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