World Cup Soccer, the double-headed snake

law-7193World Cup Soccer is here!!  Ok, I guess this post is a little outdated, given that its the 12th day of the World Cup.  Something happens to me at every world cup, though.  My juices starts flowing, I daydream during days and restless at nights.  I find myself pacing up and down regularly, with maths equations in my head.  Probabilities, of course.

A lover of sports, sportsbetting, and soccer, this world cup has been a euphoric trip to my youth.  It feels like one of those life constants that we all need for mental stability.  Its my opportunity and allowance to be giddy with the ups and downs of my favorite teams.  To cuss.  To marvel.  To be one with all the soccer lovers in the planet.  To know that I felt this way 4 and 8 years ago, and will feel so in 4 and 8 years time as well.  And of course, to build memories around with.

For example,

Question: ‘Did u remember when Suarez bit yet another guy in the World Club???’.

Me: ‘Whoah dude…3rd time that happened in his career, and I lost 200 bucks on that game!’.  *Face Palm note to self – do not ever bet for Italy again.

The other side of the coin is the heartbreak and losing money.  I’m not a very good sports better.  I’ve long come to accept this as the cost of my fanaticism.  And I have been conservative with my losses with the emergence of The Boss, mortgage, and milk money.  But, being meticulous also means that I no longer have writing freedom.  Sitting down and listening to my inner self is hard enough to do, putting it down in writing is darn near impossible.

The heartbreak, ohhh the heartbreak!  I am a die hard England fan.  They are always a team with good talents on paper, but performs meekly in the grand stage.  The golden era of my fandom was probably during the days of Michael Owen, and David Beckham.  Don’t get us wrong, we understand the pressure that English teams carries with them in world cups.  We listened, believed and defended those excuses.  But, to find the team not winning a single game at group stage, is absolutely maddening.  Thus, this year, I am jumping into the Oranje bandwagon.

Worth mentioning, is how terrible Spain has been.  Champions for 6 years, through 2 Euros and 1 World Cup comes to a crashing and catastrophic end.  Iker Casillas got scored against 7 times in 2 games headlines this.  Ochoa is my new keeper hero.  Hands down!

Go Oranje!!!!!



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