Boracay: where our dreams became reality.


All of us has been to places that we are unlikely to forget. Beautiful memories will of course stick out. The memorable Bali holidays, the amazing long weekend at Ibiza, the hangover in Pattaya, and so on. Every so often we are lucky enough to have the memories etched in our hearts forever. Boracay was that for us, and we feel like the luckiest fools in the world to have Boracay as our wedding venue as well.

A little backdrop on us. The Boss and I came from a culture where, if we stood still and just accepted the wedding story bestowed as birthrights, we will be having a wedding with no less than 1800 guests. A few of you will find this number to be unbelievable. Lucky for you, you didn’t have to dodge it. The Boss and I wanted to write our own story. And so we did.


Enters Boracay. If we had believed in signs, then it was a no brainer, as we had 2 close friends that had their wedding at the exact same part of Boracay the year earlier. What drew me in was the fact that there were no straight international flights, with domestic flights limited at 10kgs of luggage per traveller. We, thus managed to create our dream wedding, with our loved ones of only 134 guests.

More on Boracay. It is a dream perfect getaway island in Phillipines. Only 14km long, the island was small, quaint, relaxing, and absolutely beautiful. Getting there by the standard normal route would involve a water ferry, as well as a tricycle ride from the port station to our hotel. This alone had me hooked.
Environmental fees were charged as we enter Boracay, which I have never heard of before. But, seeing how well kept the beaches were, I am now a supporter and applaud Boracay for having such a high standard and strict attention to the environment and beach cleanliness.


Judging from the amount of partying my entourage did, during our wedding period, it was no doubt a perfect place to not walk straight with a drink in hand. Pub hopping were made easier by the fact that most of the watering holes were centrally located at Station 2.

Island hopping, paragliding, surfing, and much more are also available at Boracay. These will cost 3 times the price as a tourist, but if you bargain smartly enough, you should be able to get half way.

I contemplated on leaving out Shangri La Boracay out of this post. Cos, to me, the prices to stay here is just outrageous. But, it would feel more of a travesty to leave it out, as it was a huge part of our Boracay memory.




As you may have guessed, this was where we tied the knot. As a Boracay wedding venue, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better alternative than this. With the amount of guests I had, it became our only option. Being located at the end of the island, Shangri La boasts its own private beach. The Hotel is set up on a cliff, with views extending to its coastlines. Entering the Hotel from the top of the hill, was absolutely breathtaking as it felt like a hidden gem of luxury that wasn’t immediately obvious at the gate.

Being booked in Shangri La though, includes free transport from Caticlan (the nearest island that we all take flights to). And this service is a complete luxury from the traditional way of entering Boracay through ferries and tricycles. Shangri La had its own boats that takes us direct to their OWN jetty. The view as we docked was comparable to the Greek Islands.


Overall Boracay is more than a pleasant surprise, for beach holiday lovers. It’s home to great food, beautiful sand, more than ample supply of busting bars, as well as pure chill out kind of environment where you will never need a pair of shoes or long sleeve tops. Whilst the 10kg luggage limit is a turn off, overweight luggage fees are more than reasonable. And, as towels are almost always provided in hotels, you only really need to bring sandals and swimming trunks. The only drawback for this holiday destination would be the typhoons. Because of the extreme typhoon seasons in Phillipines, it is recommended that you visit Boracay during January – April. And simultaneously, hotel prices are also higher during this period.


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