What we wanted to be when we grew up. Anyone achieved them?

Seriously, thinking about this topic made me realise that all I want now, would be to go back in time and be a child again. The simpleness of life, where our only worries were the rain, vegetables at dinner, and getting lost in grocery stores.
Ok, well that last bit would’ve been scary actually.

As a child, I’ve wanted to be many things. But where does the child end, and adulthood begun? Blocking down aspirations due to age sectors is so subjective. For I feel like I’m a man-child still. So for the purpose of this post, I will do what my OCD-ness has always prevented me from, leaving things in an unclassified random order of mess.

1. Being a cop. This dull aspiration, I’m guessing, would be common amongst every small boys. But, then again, its the internet era now. So some of you young readers might not understand this, and opt to become a google translator instead. Nevertheless, in the age of TJ Hooker, 21 Jump Street, and The A-Team….I couldn’t think of many things cooler than kicking bad dudes’ asses.

2. The Bad Guy. Of course being the nice guy can be so overrated. And as a child I saw through things easily. I was no fool! Being a bad guy allows us to be worshiped for world destruction, as opposed to getting suspended by your police boss for totaling your police car.

3. The Boss. Yes, as a kid I saw that having money and being able to order people around was the ultimate profession.

4. Jordan. How could anyone not want to be him? The tongue wagging airness, that defied gravity, competition, and critics simply by being awesome.

5. To be black. To put it out there, I am not black, African-American, African, or any racial group that is mildly close. But, I was in love with the culture! For people like me, Ali G was our justification. Not cos he’s justified, but his false sense of reality was shared. I wanted to be Snoop, Pac, and Eazy-E. I cussed like I was supposed to, wished I could get dreads, and religiously followed Blackbeat and The Source magazines.

6. Be married and be a Dad. I actually had the age of 25 as my marriage target. This was before my teenage years. Before I smoked cigarettes and dated girls. For some reason, I had that impression of life. That adulthood starts as a husband, and how great of a Dad I will be would be my legacy.

7. To be a rockstar. This is not genre biased. Just the mere fact of having hundreds of girls screaming at you while you tour the world and hold massive concerts for the world to see. Ok, I guess rocking the stage in my jocks like Axel Rose did appeal to me, somewhat.

The above list would probably be the most significant ones. I’ve never thought about being a doctor, architect, marine biologist, lawyer, or anything like that. This is due to the free reign of TV time, I got as a child. It’s not my fault they don’t showcase more white collar professions in a better light.

This leads me to 2 different realisations. Firstly, as a well confirmed adult of age 34, I see very little relevance of the above list to my reality. Dreams does not come true. This is not a bad thing. For, as an adult, I am now aware of the horrors of being a rockstar or a bad ass. I slowly realise that I can’t change the colour of my skin, and my NBA window has long passed.

I did the marriage thing though, and became a father. Much later than my initial dateline, but all the same wonderful. So at least 1 of my aspirations did happen. I wasn’t keeping track though. It was my family that reminded me of the marrying by 25 thing. And I do feel a bit like a girl for having such ambitions. (this is by no means a sexist remark, it was purely how I viewed myself).

The second thing is, now that I am a father, I realised that I have a big responsibility to assure that my son will have these dreams. Not to achieve them. Just to have them. In our world today, I feel that kids no longer has these dreams. They have the luxury of the technological world and 3D. Where everything comes to life at a touch of a button. There are no more need to dream, fantasize, and imagine, when you’ve got an Ipad.

Not as hardcore as a ‘Catcher in the Rye’ kinda scenario, but I see the importance of protecting these dreams. I look forward to bedtime stories, where I can make him feel like he can fly like Peter Pan. I will get out and play basketball with him, so he can have moments where he will think that he’ll be the greatest of all time. These are innocence and a concept of childhood that I now need to protect, for reality is the most boring place on earth.

Besides, I don’t wanna fork out cash for prescription glasses before he even enters grade school.


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