The Chiropractor

I’ve always been one to avoid the intangibles. Especially when it comes to paying money for it. A dentist’s fee for example, is something that I can’t quantify. What’s a difference between a $400 dentistry visit, as opposed to a $200 one? Does the dentist smile more? Does he or she make me less anxious with regards to having all kinds of scary metal instruments being shoved down my extremely illuminated mouth? This is different to that of a haircut, or a massage. I can definitely tell between a cheap to an expensive haircut or massage. Not only does it directly affect my instant satisfaction, but there’s also the happiness factor. Something that can instantaneously determine how I will be feeling for the day or week.

On a side note: I have a friend who has a haircut in the eve of something important. Got exams tomorrow? Get a haircut. Feeling depressed? Get a haircut. Got a date tomorrow? Get a bloody haircut! I miss this guy. Life was so simple to him, and in turn chatting to him always gives me a positive perspective of life.

I am a massage kinda guy. Since fatherhood occurred though, time becomes a precious rarity. For any downtime right now, we would have a long list of procrastinated stuff to do. But, I used to love them all. Foot reflexology, head massage, Balinese, Thai, oil massage, the works! And it’s justifiable. A better massage, almost usually will be more expensive than the not so good ones.

A chiropractor in the other hand… Well, let’s just say I’ve never had the desire to go see one. Lately though, I have been. Over the years, I’ve had quite a number of back issues. Through sports, car accidents and etc, I’ve never had a very good back condition. With the arrival of a baby (13kgs now), those back aches came back, dressed with a good dose of pinched nerves. A friend of mine referred me a chiropractor. It took me around 3 months of having the clinic’s business card on my desk, but I finally decided to do it. Hell, at least I’m giving it a go.

Quantifiable or not, he had me at hello. My chiropractor is a male. How could he not be, it was obvious from the business card, and it would take a very large woman to be able to do chiropractic adjustments to my spine. For some reason though, a George Constanza moment comes flashing through my mind.
A male will be touching my body!!! What if it moved, like George’s did????

As it turns out, it wasn’t too bad. The touches weren’t goosebumps worthy, and I loved how every adjustment comes with a couple of ‘cracks’. I’m a cracker. I crack my neck, hands, feet, back, waist, whatever is crackable. But, when the chiro does it, its done on my problem areas and its like an elevated relaxation cracks. And he also turns out to be an alright guy. Knows what he’s doing, and quite attentive to my back problems.

The Boss obviously initially urged me on to see the chiro in the first place. Now, however, she refused to do as promised and get a treatment of her own from him. I feel cheated. The maths then came back. What I’m paying him for my 15 min adjustment sessions, is equivalent to a 1.5 hour massage! Is my time efficient attitude doing damage to my sense of economics?? On the first visit, he suggested an intensive twice a wk of visits for 3 wks. I completed my 2nd week today, and he suggested another 2 wks at the same intervals. I guess I might as well make a dentist appointment next week.

PS. My back does feel better. My migraine cleared up, and I have less digestive issues and pinched nerves.


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