Trying to get back

Trying to get back to writing is so so hard.

I guess, in a way it’s also getting back to myself.  It has been a stressful 2016, and dropping good habits (blogging), is much easier than dropping bad ones.  Especially for me, someone that floats from 1 enthusiasm to the next.

2017 has, so far, been very promising.  And as an ode to myself, I’ve decided to get back to me.  Things that makes me feel happy, validated, and fuels my creativity.  At least the creative side that I blindly, vainly, and uniquely believe I posses.  Along with blogging, I have also tried to get back into photography and a bit of cooking.

My wife is my biggest fan.  In the past I’ve referred to as the Boss, so either way it goes without saying that I need to follow her wishes.  But, apart from urging me on, she has also inspired me.  We both exist in the corporate world, she’s floating in and out of this world cos of her motherly sacrifices, and it’s vital for us to be in touch with who we are.  To feed ourselves, our soul, with self satisfaction that is in line with our creative abilities.  She trumps me, creatively, for she bleeds art.  Professionally a graphic designer, she has a gifted passion for paintings and sketches.  To my awe and delight she has recently put forth an artwork for exhibition, under the umbrella of a charity cause to free West Papua.  Her work generated enough interest that she managed to sell digital copies, with proceeds going to the charity.  Her self belief is amazing.  Especially compared to me, someone that can’t even muster the courage to print my own photographs before I met her.  Today, our house is filled with our work.

In the quest of self confidence, I have also decided to reveal more about myself and about my life.  Anonymity will be maintained, as how messed up is the world we live in where social media exposes our most intimate details for the world to see.  I will not do that with my blogs, as I see this as an escape.  To be able to be an alter ego, where consequences of real life are irrelevant.


Above is a photo of my son and, then, newborn daughter.  My daughter is a yr old now, and my son is 3.  They will be the driving force and central figures of many of my posts.  For there are my inspiration in real life.  Becoming a dad is not only the best thing I’ve achieved, but it’s also the best thing I will ever achieve.  I no longer am chasing dreams, as they now unfold when I’m awake.





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