Captain Fantastic: A parenting triumph


This movie blew my mind!  I have hardly given any movie reviews, except for verbally to friends, and I don’t think I’m gonna start anytime soon.  I am, however, a big movie buff.  A Fanboy, even.  There is nothing that gets me more excited than talking about a great movie.

I just had to give my take on this movie because it struck so close to home.  I’ve included an IMDB link here, Captain Fantastic

I treat IMDB as my movie bible.  Sure there are chances that a rating of 6 and under could be misinterpreted, and be an actual gem.  Upon reading up on this 7.9 rated movie, however, I had my doubts.  It sounded like an ordinary movie with a trap name.  A name that would catch the attention of a fanboy like me.

What it ended up being was a truly original story line.  It was inspiring, refreshing and validating.  I’m sure there are modern day parents, like myself, that has a clear desire on how we want to raise our kids.  Different people have different opinions on parenting, and different reasons how they’ve come to those opinions.  So all I can talk about is how it is for me, personally.

Having Asian heritage and growing up as a nomad, has given me a vast perspective of culture and point of views.  But it has also created a gaping hole within me, feeling like I’ve been short-changed, kind of, at least compared to what I feel was lacking in the parenting that I’ve received.  This is not entirely my parents’ fault, some maybe, but I’m not here to blame.  My parents came from an era, culture and society, that parenting means providing.  Making sure that my siblings and I were schooled, fed, and had aircon at night (being warm at night is totally not vital for growing up in Asia).  Both my parents worked.  We had a house, helpers, a TV, and didn’t have to wear clothes that were 2 sizes too small.  By most quantitative measurement, we were considered privileged.

Growing up in a multicultural community, however, has exposed other needs.  My dad never taught me anything about life.  Didn’t play catch, didn’t show me how to shave, didn’t spend time with us, beyond what was required.  Mostly that just means school drop offs.  It is from this unfulfilled emotional physical needs that has driven me to want to be a a different parent.  Whilst putting kids to a good school is important, it is NOT more important than the education that we can give them personally, based on day to day things that we find mundane.  Mundane things for us, can be magic for them.  I want to be part of this magic.  To contribute to it, to harness it.

Ben Cash (Viggo Mortensen) showed his struggle in this movie.  The belief and dedication that him and his wife had in their perfect ideology.  An ideology that others mocked and slammed, mainly for the plain fact that they did not understand it.  Nor did anyone tried to.  This plot is like a flying banner for me, and other parents like me, albeit in the most extreme and raw way.  Just as Ben Cash slowly sink in morale and self belief, his kids seemed to be there at the right moment and time to catch his falling grace.  They lifted him, and validated his beliefs as they all loved their father.  They didn’t want to live any other way then they have had, all that time.  Ben’s ideology has made him an idol to his kids.  Their strength, comfort, respect, and love for their father was too precious to them, collectively, as they turned their back for their chance to lead a normal comfortable life, full or aircons.


*Firenze enjoying bubble magic at 18 months old.

Thank you Captain Fantastic for being an inspiring movie in an era where Fifty Shades movies sells millions of tickets to trash lovers.  Thanks for going against the grind and coming out of it in a Fantastic manner.  It has strengthened my resolve that we do not have to do what everyone else wants and expects us to do.  We will continue to show our children of values, love, and dignity, even when at times it’ll be all that we can give.  At the moment things can’t be anymore magical, where I’m often Iron Man or Batman, depending on which bad guy my son chooses to be at any given time.


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