Odalan Bali

As mentioned, this is a year that I plan to rededicate myself to my hobbies.  And what a great start it was for Photography.  On a family holiday in Bali, we encountered a road block.  Apparently, there’s a ceremony and no cars can pass through until it ends.  I also noticed that a few people have exited their cars in front of us, and began moving towards the ceremony to take a peek.  And so I followed them.  Lo and behold, this is what I saw.


Odalan is a traditional balinese ceremony that is held biannually to commemorate the birthday of temples.  Odalan for big temples can sometimes lasts 2 days and 2 nights.  This is a small temple and it lasted mere half a day.  Even then, it’s a full village participation, with everyone having their own duties to perform.  This dance that was performed is Balinese Line Dancing, usually performed by the men of the village.  Their intricate clothing are all handmade.  Imagine what a bigger Odalan would be like.  But then, I probably wouldn’t be able to get this up close and personal.


*Culture appreciation.


The man sitting down at the middle is the village priest.  I was taking photos for a good 30mins and I didn’t notice the priest move even 1 limb.  There’s also the burning of incense in front of him, that causes his face to drown in smoke as he mutters prayers with his eyes closed.



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