How can he not know baby Jesus?

And so my mother commented to my wife and I after the Christmas church service last year, “How can he not know baby Jesus??”.

By ‘he’ she meant our son.  And she proceeded to criticize that it’s because I’m too caught up in teaching him how to be Kind, that I have totally missed on the most important teaching EVERRR, which was to teach him about God and his son Jesus Christ.

My initial reaction was an eye-roll.  A very typical thing for my mother to say this.  And usually these comments slides off like water droplets on water resistant paint.  These time, however, the words sunk in.  And I was bemused, as well as proud of my son.  And indirectly also very pleased with our principles and the values that we instill in our kids.  For, this is much much better than if he were to know Jesus, without knowing kindness.

I have blogged about this before.  And I have revealed that my wife and I are closer to being an Atheist than we are to any religion.  It is hypocritical amusement to me that this so-called oldest religion in the world has given its followers assurance that all is well as long as you know God and Jesus.  Really??  I’m smiling cynically as I’m typing out these words.  Ironic wisdom, if there’s such a thing, would be this.  We live in a time where wrong-doings are carried out in the name of religion.  It is condemned by most, but yet, these same people failed to see the parallels of their opinions within their own lives.  Within their own religious assurance.

Shouldn’t kindness be an objective of religious teachings?  For without it, what is the purpose of following a religion in the first place?  Just to book a ticket to heaven?  I hope heaven exists, for the sake of many that flies their religious banner and hides in their ignorant righteousness.  By pure coincidence, one of the world figures I admire also happens to be the leader of the 1.2 billion of Catholics in the world.  Here is what  Pope Francis recently had to say.

My message and wish by blogging on this is to at least invoke some thoughts in those that are reading this.  Religion is not wrong, forsaking humanity and being kind to each other, however, IS.


@Amsterdam 2013


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